WGP USB Dc 5v To 9v Step Up Boosting Cable C59


  • Input Voltage: DC 5V
  • Output Voltage: DC 9V output 
  • Max Input Current: 2A
  • Cable Length: Approx. 500mm
  • Color: Black
  • Input Interface: USB A Type Male
  • Output Interface: 5.5*2.5mm Plug

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USB Dc 5v To 9v Step Up  Voltage Converter Cable

1. The USB interface is a 5V input, by boosting to 9V or 12V, you can use the cable as an emergency power solution method for WIFI router.

2. Used for: routers, switches, optical cats, LED desk lamps, LED lights etc.

3. The length is 500mm, and the DC plug is 5.5*2.1mm.

4. Input voltage: 5V 2A
Output voltage: 9V output, current is about 0.8A

USB Dc 5v To 9v Step Up  Voltage Converter Cable Features:

Absolute genius! This USB converter provides you with 12V output from a common USB socket (Usually 5v output). Useful for powering all sorts of 12v devices direct from a computer, power bank, 5V USB adapter or other USB charging source.

USB Dc 5v To 9v Step Up  Voltage Converter Cable Specification

Item USB step up cable
Input USB 5V
Output 9V 1A or 12V 1A
DC plug 5.5*2.5mm (customized)
Cable length 500mm
Package PE bag
Weight 21g
Color Black



1. With this cable, you can connect your power bank to router. Thus, when power cut, you can use your power bank to supply your router.

2. Use this cable, you can supply your car air purifier LED strip light by power bank.

3. For other 9V 1A or 12V 1A Device( Its current cannot be greater than 1A).


USB Dc 5v To 9v Step Up  Voltage Converter Cable, FAQ:

1. Q: Can I connect with mobile phone adapter to power 9V 1A router?

A: Mobile phone charger is USB 5V, so no problem.

2. Q: Can the USB end connected with laptop?

A: Yes. DC output should be under 9V1A.

3. Q: Can I use it to charge my mobile phone?

A: No, because the output is dc 9v, not USB 5v.


To no more about Step Up Cable, please visit Wikipedia

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